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careers2As a FITM8, your joining a growing, innovative and exciting company, we're always developing new programmes, services and products.

Your career will evolve and develop with our business, we welcome new ideas and challenges. We're very proud that 2 of our clients have loved what we do so much that they have achieved hugely and have retrained to become part of our training team!


We also provide a unique opportunity to observe sessions and undertake our FREE foundation courses, which will enable you to decide whether a career in the fitness industry is for you, before spending any money on courses.


When observing & are expected to always be in your proper FITM8 training kit, and maintain your kit (T-shirt, Jacket etc.) in a clean well maintained condition, at all times when training or representing FITM8 or any of our businesses, services or products.




You will have good communication and 'people' skills, be outgoing and friendly, with a a tactful approach. Always exemplifying the ability to motivate and inspire people, whilst retaining a responsible attitude to health and safety.


You choose when you work...
You will be in control of your own diary, choosing the days and hours you want to work via our online calendar system.


Your role..
Provide clients with your knowledge of nutrition and a healthy diet, designing sessions to attain good fitness levels, you will lead and organise group and individual exercise programmes to ensure our clients are improving their health and fitness. Your work will involve a range of activities, such as teaching keep fit, weight training you could also work with specialist groups of people, such as older adults, children, people with disabilities or people referred by doctors.



Your role includes:

  • fitness assessments, consultations and introduction sessions for new clients
  • demonstrating activities for clients to follow
  • showing clients how to use exercise machines and free weights properly
  • supervising clients to make sure that they are exercising safely and effectively
  • leading group exercise classes, such as circuit training, aerobics or spinning
  • creating personal exercise programmes
  • giving advice on healthy eating and lifestyle

You will also carry out routine duties, such as at reception and health and safety checks. Routine cleaning of equipment, training & staff areas as well as the front of the suite & signage, windows etc.



Your hours when starting and building your client base are as and when required by the business, this will be arranged in advance to accommodate you as much as feasibly possible.


This will include a shift or rota basis covering early mornings, evenings and weekends.


You will also run classes in places like school halls, local parks, beaches or community centres, as well as our suites so you will need to travel locally.



FITM8's are paid ABOVE the living wage, after your initial induction & training period and upon a successful pass of background checks by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Enhanced Disclosure.


Training and development

All FITM8's are actively encouraged to increase their knowledge and skill base, furthering their career within the business, attaining qualifications and developing professionally.


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Client Interviews

Here are some video interviews with some of our clients. If you have a spare couple of minutes, please take a look.



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