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FOODM8 is a new service trialling soon...all clients on our DIETM8 programme can pre register for our NEW FOODM8 service.


FOODM8 Hampers with all the ingredients you need for your weeks DIETM8 plan with recipes and how to video's to follow.


When you follow your DIETM8 plan it can be difficult to find the time to pick up all the necessary ingredients to stick to your personal plan, let us do it for you!


We will have your weekly FOODM8 hamper ready at our fitness suite for you to collect when you come along for your personal training session.


Your DIETM8 team will happily create a plan for all your family with a FOODM8 hamper for everyone to enjoy...with all the ingredients freshly sourced, accompanied with pre portioned sizes...all you have to do is cook it, try cooking together as a family its fun and children are more likely to enjoy the food they help create - and guess what we have even calculated how many calories it takes to cook the food, so your losing even when your cooking!





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