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Bridal training for FREE!!!


2 Bridesmaids & Bride, Bridesmaids pay £150 each for 10 sessions, you the Bride train FREE!

Bride & Groom package £250 for 10 session each!

Bride & 1 Bridesmaid package £250 for 10 sessions each!




Groom Training for FREE!!!


2 Bestmen & Groom, Bestmen pay £150 each for 10 sessions, you the Groom train FREE!

Bride & Groom package £250 for 10 session each!

Groom & 1 Bestman package £250 for 10 sessions each!




Bridal Training

It used to be that getting ready to walk down the aisle meant finding the perfect dress, the best hair stylist, and the right makeup. But today's brides -- and their bridesmaids -- have added another "must do" before the "I dos": Getting in the best shape of their lives!

And it can have an effect that lasts long past the honeymoon bikini. For many women, becoming a buff bride (or bridesmaid) kick-starts a fitness lifestyle they've been putting off for years, experts say.

The wedding is the trigger that motivates many women to get in shape, and the best part is that many women continue long after that march down the aisle,in fact, getting married is an ideal time for a woman to get motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle overall.

You're beginning a new chapter in your life, it's a fresh start, it's a new experience, so why not go into this new time of your life looking and feeling as good as you can?

But whether you're the bride, bridesmaid, or mother of the bride how much can you really change before the big event?

Obviously, the more time you have, the more you can change. But also, the more time you have, the less stressful it will be to accomplish those changes, simply because you don't have to work at such a high intensity level, the ideal time to begin is about six months before the wedding.
In this time frame, you can literally look like an entirely different person. It can be a complete transformation, but what if your wedding is sooner?

Not to worry. Starting even six weeks before the wedding can get results.



Groom Training

You may be fit. You may be fat. But wherever you're at, everybody who is important to you is coming to the wedding, and you'll be the center of attention on your wedding day. Better to be in the best shape of your life because your friends and family will notice and wedding photos will not lie. It's time to GetFitM8 Groom!

How grooms can shed a few pounds before wedding day, your FitM8 will design a personal plan for you..

Whether you have one month, three months or six months to go before your wedding, you can make some great gains in terms of your body shape and ability to properly fit into your wedding suit. The pace of the program and the gains will differ depending on how much time you have.

To get trim, you need to do things differently:

  • Eat healthy food, every day.
  • Perform cardiovascular activity at least three times per week, but only for 30 minutes of intense training.
  • Strength training with weights at least twice per week concentrating on your back, chest and shoulders.
  • Pick up the intensity of training. Don't take breaks.

You're going to be amazed just how much eating healthier is critical to a groom's success in losing a few inches before wedding day.

Back, chest and shoulders? These large muscle groups are likely to show the most gain. Working your biceps is pure vanity, but it's your chest, shoulders and back that will really create total buffness!

The Groom's Suit
A word of advice for the prospective groom, be sure to save your suit fitting until closer to your wedding day. If you get measured for a suit in December, for example, and then diligently work out for the next 3 months, be prepared to have a different physique by March. You will be trimmer, your shoulders will be larger and your waist will be smaller. In short, you'll look great, but you will need to be re-fitted for your suit. Granted, that is a small price to pay for a buff bod, but you can avoid all that trouble by getting fitted later on in the process.

A Groom's Diet
To keep your metabolism in high gear (which means that your body will burn calories at a rapid rate), grooms ought to eat healthily throughout the day, rather than "breakfast, lunch and dinner." Instead of gorging yourself on a huge chicken and pasta dinner, have a smoothie at 3pm and a smaller helping at dinnertime.

You will want to eat plenty of protein to build muscle as well as hearty portions of carbs to fuel your cardio training. The goal is to tailor your daily meal plan to your daily activity level so that you consume more protein on days that you strength train and more carbs on days that you cardio train.

Our DietM8 & NutriM8 team will advise you
Your body will get used to eating the same amount of calories each day, then your metabolism will slow down (i.e., becoming more efficient at using the calories you consume) and your weight loss will plateau. The worst part is that if your metabolism becomes sluggish and you go on a 3-day eating bender, then your body won't know how to burn the excess calories that you have consumed. The result: Your body will store the calories as fat.


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