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"Six months in and I'm 2.5 stone lighter and 14 inches smaller allover!

So I've reached the six-month point of this harebrained challenge! Just 26 weeks ago I was two and a half stone heavier and carrying 14 inches of extra blubber – numbers that seem ridiculous to me now. I’ve lost six inches from my bust, five from my waist and three from my hips.

It’d be a struggle to pick up a 16kg weight now, but I was carrying all of that around with me out of choice – it’s no wonder I was so exhausted all the time!

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I’ve still got a way to go until I’ll be deemed a healthy weight but here’s a few of the things I’ve learned so far...

  • There's no need to be scared of getting out of breath – I was always terrified of it before but I've learned that my body knows what to do and I'm not going to pass out!
  • Pushing myself out of my comfort zone is the best thing I can do – the more I challenge myself, the more I'm surprised at what I can do.
  • My body is amazing – it may still be squidgy in places but my body can run, do push ups, lift weights, do a plank and get through a round of horrid burpees.
  • Shopping for workout clothes can quickly become an obsession – I've got jogging bottoms and T-shirts in every style and colour you can imagine. I've even bought myself a bum bag for when I run. Send help.
  • There's nothing quite like the elation you feel after getting to the end of a workout – you may be sweaty, you may be knackered but you did it. It feels amazing.


Whether you're looking for weight loss, toning, training for a specific challenge or generally to be healthier and fitter - we will work together on the right programme and right pricing for YOU!


As long as you're ready to commit fully to your health, we're ready to commit to you!

As Carlmichael says "Make yourself promises you keep!"

Personal Training

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