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Are you an employer or an employee?


For Employers


We create a fun fitness team building session for everyone to enjoy for an hour whether it’s at lunchtime, before or after the working day. This can be at the workplace if suitable, a convenient location for everyone such as a local park or our Personal Health & Fitness Suite.

Businesses & Organisations:
FREE FUN taster session for everyone in your company or organisation, then we encourage your team to come along for their FREE personal assessments. We do this for you with a simple presentation to all your team which only lasts 20 minutes at the end of their FREE taster session, when we get feedback and take a
team picture for everyone to share!


Only £10 per person per month...


Sole Trader
Are you a Sole trader? Doesn’t mean lonely soul, we offer you the exact same programme with the opportunity to link up with other sole traders in your area for a networking fitness session on a regular basis or you can pop along to our fitness suite.


Networking Fitness Sessions...


Team Building:
Team building is a fantastic way to create common bonds within your business or organisation and with other businesses, so members of the team whom may not have much contact will now share a common fun experience. We will offer regular classes tailored to your team’s needs at a mutually convenient time with each weekly class being different and with a variety of classes available either at their workplace, or our Personal Health & Fitness Suite. Each member of your team can enjoy 4 classes per month and the use of our health and fitness suite for only £10 per person per month, with all the administration managed by your WORKM8 team.


Our classes include:
Swiss ball, step class, boxM8, Legs, bums & tums, CardioFast, Bodyweight, Total fitness, 50% Cardio 50% weights (5050), circuits, XM8, BEACHM8, Insanity Style, CycleM8 & RunningM8 clubs.


Begin today for FREE and we will present your team with a certificate or external plaque, proudly announcing to employees, suppliers and customers that you’re a growing business investing your time (FREE) in your team!





For Employees




Join your colleagues for an hour of fun, fitness and challenges as we give you a laugh and a boost to your day!


Whether it’s at lunchtime, before or after the working day, in your workplace, a local park or our personal health and fitness suite.


You have 4 classes a month included for you to choose from including:
Swiss ball, step class, boxM8, legs, bums & tums, cardio fast, bodyweight, total fitness, 50/50 (50% cardio - 50% weights), circuits, XM8, beachM8, insanity style, cycleM8 and runningM8 clubs with new classes regularly being introduced.


After you have enjoyed your FREE taster session, start your team classes for only £10 per month, per person.


We will arrange a regular day and time at least once a week for your team to choose a class to do. With each weekly class being different and with a variety of classes available.


Your health is important to you, your family and friends, it’s also important to your team!


When you’re healthy and happy you enjoy your work more and have a better life generally.


We will provide a personal and confidential health check to you, either at your workplace or by appointment at our personal health & fitness suite.


Your FREE Health check

This is a simple straight forward check which takes on average 10-15 minutes. We check personal health and family history, to assess your overall health and give appropriate advice and guidance where needed.


Free DIETM8 check with our simple and discreet diet diary we can see where you may be experiencing problems and how we can work together to resolve it. Whether you’re a yo yo dieter, need advice on portion sizes or have allergies, your DIETM8 team will help.


FREE 1-2-1 Personal Training Assessment session
Sometimes we feel self conscious about exercising in front of others, that’s when our 1-2-1 sessions are invaluable.


We can easily create a personal programme with our NO 2 SESSIONS EVER THE SAME guarantee and give advice on simple effective ways to train at work and at home.


Give yourself a FREE hour of personal training and invest your time in your health, fitness, diet and well being with sessions available from 7am - 10pm, 7 days a week by appointment at our fitness suite and from only £15 an hour when bought in advance in blocks of 10. With a FREE personal training programme included we ensure you achieve the results you want in an achievable and manageable time, simply priced and affordable, with our guarantee that NO 2 SESSIONS ARE EVER THE SAME!




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